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Art Shop Gallery FAQ

Check this space for answers to our customer's most common questions about Alaskan art and the Art Shop Gallery.  If you have a question you think others will have, please submit it on our contact page. 

Q: What are the rules for traveling with ivory?

The ivory for sale in the Gallery is NOT elephant ivory, but rather walrus ivory. However, some countries and the state of California have begun to restrict shipment of even walrus ivory. Please educate yourself before purchasing ivory. Good information is available here, at the US Fish and Wildlife Service website.

Q: What is a limited edition print?

Much of the art printed on paper or canvas is issued in a limited edition for a certain price.  An edition might be limited to 10 or 20,000, depending on the demand for the artist's work. Generally the image will not be reprinted, although it may be issued in a different format, such as a card or a giclee on canvas.  


Because the availability is limited, the price of the print is likely to be higher than a comparable "open" (unlimited) edition print. 

Q: What is an artist's proof?

When art is printed, some prints are given to the artist to sign as artist's proofs.  The publisher cannot sell these prints, and they are sold only if and when the artist chooses.  Historically, these proofs were the artist's chance to correct printing deficencies; today, they are identical to the rest of the edition in most cases.  

Q: Why is some of our art marked "rare," "hard-to-find," or "sold out at publisher"?

If someone wants to buy a print after the limited edition run has sold out at the publisher, they will generally be looking on the "secondary market." When you buy art through an on-online auction (or at a yard sale), you are buying on the secondary market. We call these prints "rare" or "hard-to-find," because you will not be able to buy one through the usual outlets. The prices will generally be more than the original issue price as a result of this.  


We are fortunate that several of our artists choose to sell their artist's proofs through the Art Shop Gallery after the run has sold out at the publisher, because they know that our customers appreciate the chance to find just the right image, sometimes 20 years after the limited edition sold out.  You will find these images on our Rare pages for Byron Birdsall, Barbara Lavallee,  Rie Munoz, and Ed Tussey.  The Jon Van Zyle pages also contain some of these rare pieces.  If you see it on our page, it means we have one to sell at the Gallery Price shown.  

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Images of Kachemak Bay at the top of our website are by Byron Birdsall, Taz Tally, Ed Tussey, and Jon Van Zyle. 

Please remember:  all rights to the images on artshopgallery.com are reserved by the artists.

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